CerBond™ HVAC

introducing the most advanced one time metal treatment

CerBond™ HVAC for air conditioning utilizes ceramic technology to treat metal parts with a micro-ceramic seal within your A/C compressor. Once treated, your HVAC system will run smoother, quieter, and with increased efficiency. CerBond™ HVAC is not an additive, but a one time metal treatment. The ceramic treatment actually cleans and bonds to the metal surfaces and is able to withstand more heat and pressure than the original equipment.

The results are incredible!

  • Reduces internal friction
  • Promotes smoother operation
  • Significant and lasting drop in energy consumption
  • Reduces oil build-up

Oil layering reduces heat transfer capabilities
Before Treatmeant After Treatment
Untreated System Treated System
Normal conditions: oil layering occurs, resulting in reduced heat transfer After treatment: reduction in oil layering improves heat transfer resulting in dramatic gains in cooling
The three pillars of increased efficiency are:
  1. A reduction in oil layering is accomplished as CerBond™ HVAC cleans then bonds to the metal surfaces to form a ceramic seal. Cooling efficiency improves as thermo-transfer increases as a result of greater throughput (see diagram above).
  2. A better seal in the compression chamber allows for greater compression of gas, creating quicker and more drastic temperature reduction. This, in turn, reduces the time it takes to achieve the same amount of cooling. The result is a drastic decrease in energy consumption!
  3. Motor amperage is reduced by at least 11% (as tested) due to the drop in friction. This directly correlates to an 11% drop in energy consumption on top of the energy savings achieved through increased cooling efficiency!

Third party testing has shown that the use of CerBond™ HVAC in your A/C compressor causes an immediate drop in the amperage by 11% or more. A/C run-time is also reduced, as temperatures will drop faster due to increased thermal efficiency.

HVAC Test Results To verify results: Before adding CerBond™ HVAC to the suction line, attach an amp probe to record current and use a thermometer to record temperatue. Monitor and record readings before, during, and after installation.

To install: Allow A/C to run for at least 5 minutes. Add CerBond™ HVAC as you would add refrigerant directly into the suction port (low-pressure side). Be sure to complete and return the warranty card to activate you 100% money-back guarantee. Include all readings before, during, and after treatment.

If you are not totally satisfied with our product, you have a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee!

V-Blocking Diagram V-Block Testing

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