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March 20, 2010

Dear Chuck,

I want to document my experience with CerBond™. At the IHRA Divisional event on the weekend of March 13 & 14 I entered my 1969 B/SA Mustang in Stock Eliminator. In the first round of qualifying I ran a 10.38, my friend who also entered his car in B/SA ran a 10.42. These were both all out runs with nothing held back as we qualified 4th & 6th.

After qualifying we treated my car with CerBond™. The car immediately responded with a lower ET {elapsed time}. Now for the proof, on the Sunday round of qualifying my car ran a 10.28 to my friends 10.38, again these were all out, no holds bar runs. CerBond™ picked my car up 6 one hundreds of a second. In Class racing {Stock Eliminator & Super Stock} this amount of improvement is incredible! I did double check with my friends car and he did nothing to it to slow it down. Even he was impressed that the CerBond™ works so quickly & so well.

I have enclosed the qualifying sheets with both cars times highlighted. Thanks for making a great product; you have a true believer in me!!


Marty Burke
Marty Burke Motorsport
Leonard, Tx

July 29, 2009

Mr. Charles Harty
ceramic Performance Worldwide, LLC
1153 Quaker
Dallas, Texas 75207

Re: Reference Letter for CerBond

Dear Chuck,

As you know you have treated our entire fleet of vehicles at Lone Star Litigation Support, Inc. It has been about 60 days since the installation of CerBond in our vehicles.

We are extremely pleased with the result and I personally wanted to thank you for introducing my company to your product. We have seen an average of at least 3 to 4 miles per gallon per vehicle of fuel savings in the 10 vehicles you treated. We have noticed increased horsepower and have noticed the engines running smoother. In the vehicles you treated the air conditioning, there has been significant changes. The vehicles engines are running cooler and the air conditioners are blowing colder air.

One interesting fact on my Office Managers vehicle is that is notice before the treatment with CerBond at 70mph the rpm's were at 2,200 rpm's. After the treatment at 70mph the rpm's were at 2000. That is very impressive showing the engine is working a lot more efficiently.

One of my salesmen had an emissions issue. He could not pass the emissions test. After the installation he said he did not have a problem passing the emissions test.

I think your product does everything you said it would and would highly recommend it to other users.


Dennis Simmons

550 South Highway 5
Fairview, Texas 75069
Phone: 972/569-8871
Fax No: 972/569-8873

Date: 7/28/09

Chuck Harty
Ceramic Performance Worldwide, LLC
1153 Quaker
Dallas, Tx 75207

Re: CerBond

Dear Chuck,

As you know, you treated my truck last year and following the results I experienced with it, I ordered enough product to treat my entire fleet. It has now been almost a year since we treated all of our construction equipment and our fleet of vehicles with CerBond. We believe our MPG's have gone up 1.5 MPG over the year but remember our equipment idles a lot and pulls heavy loads. The more important benefits to us was the increase in power, the smoother and cooler operations, the fact that our routine maintenance expense has gone down significantly and that unscheduled repairs have all but disappeared, compared to our previous years, as a result of our treating the fleet and equipment with CerBond.

We have been very pleased with the product's performance and the fact that your product lives up to all the representations that were made to us and contained in you literature. Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.


Johnny Cotten


E & C Transport, Inc
Terminal 74 for Ace Transportation

From: Everett Schaffer, C Transport, Inc.
Date: January 28, 2007

Dear CerBond:

Just a quick note to tell you what CerBond has done for my trucks. We put CerBond in the whole system of one truck with 798,000 miles, (engine {470 Detroit}, transmission, and both rear axles). Within 50 miles 95% vibrations were gone, stack smoke was all but gone, and pulling first load with 68,000 lb payload, said truck walked off from a truck carrying same load that usually out performs treated truck. I haven't gotten monthly report from fuel to give increase of fuel mileage - will report on that later. Also sealed oil leak on compressor head.

Second truck treated, has 1,500,000 plus miles, was basically parked in grass retired. Compression was low enough that ether had to be used to start. Front bumper had 1.5 inch vibration both ways before treatment, and mirrors would have to be held to see clearly backing up. After treatment, truck will start without either, hence more compression, less than 1/16th inch bumper vibration both ways, and mirrors do not vibrate. Minimum stack smoke.

This is awesome stuff!

Everett Schaffer
Co Owner
E & C Transport, Inc / Terminal 74 for Ace Transportation
Houma, Louisiana


Embroidery Machines
Ensign Emblem

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the Vice President, and Director of Maintenance for Ensign Emblem, an embroidery company servicing the industrial laundry markets in North America. Ensign Emblem currently operates over 1100 embroidery heads nationwide and has been in business for over 32 years. These are highly specialized embroidery machines that require daily oiling as part of their maintenance to ensure they operate at peak performance levels. In speaking with (Ceramic Performance) regarding their lubricating products, and upon review of the analysis reports (they) had completed, I elected to sample (their) product CerBond® in one of the company's embroidery machines.

I instructed my technician to closely monitor the machine and to hit the emergency stop at the first sign of anything unusual. Immediately upon oiling the hook mechanism, the shaft, and the head, the machine quieted down and began to run more smoothly. These machines require lubrication every four hours of operation, with strict protocols followed in each of our production facilities. The machine ran so well and was so quiet, that the technician and the machine operator had thought that it had stopped running. After a short test run, we added the lubricant to five other machines as a broader test of (their) product.

Since using (their lubricant, CerBond) in six of our embroidery machines over eight months ago, we determined that with (their) lubricant, the machines only require oiling every five (5) weeks. (Not every 4 hours as stated above!) This saves a huge amount of production time for each machine shift operated by our plant. I intend to continue to utilize (their) lubricant in the daily operation of Ensign Emblem embroidery equipment; it is one of the most amazing products that I have seen come along in years. I highly recommend this product to anyone using or operating machinery or equipment that requires continual lubrication.

Sylvester Zreliak
Vice President/Director of Maintenance
Esign Emblem, Ltd.
231-946-7703, Ext. 119




You have a great product that out performs the representations made. I have used it in my 2008 Porsche 911 twin turbo, in my Porsche Cayenne turbo S and my E 500 Mercedes sports wagon. It has dramatically improved my performance in each one. The vehicles run much more smoothly, and I have noticed a major increase in the power and an improvement in gas mileage.

On my 911, the first car I treated, I noticed a major improvement in the maximum RPM's I was able to achieve in each gear!

I strongly endorse CerBond for all those who drive high performance vehicles and for anyone who would like to see an improvement both in performance and fuel economy.

Thank you,

John Zouzelka


CerBond® definitely makes extreme cold weather starting an ease. This morning, February 9, 2008, at 9:30 A.M. it was -24° F with a wind chill factor of -40° F and colder. My 1995 Buick (150,000 miles) 3800-V6 FWD was not plugged in. When I turned the ignition, the motor rolled over with a bit of labor and caught on the 4th roll (usually on the 2nd in warmer weather or plugged in), immediately assumed a fast, steady, warm-up idle. Granted, it was a cold feeling idle, but nonetheless, smooth, even and steady. Last winter, prior to treating my car with CerBond, in similar conditions, my car labored heavily to start and sometimes it would take a second attempt for it to stay running, although somewhat roughly at first, smoothing out after a minute or so.

So, CerBond made a big difference to cold weather starting ease. To reinforce my belief in this, at about 12:30 P.M. today, a friend of mine asked me to start his car, which was not plugged in either and not treated with CerBond. His car was a year newer with an identical 3800 driveline, regularly maintained with 65,000 miles on it. The start was as follows:

  • 1st attempt. Rolled over 8 or 9 times under significant labor, then caught and ran roughly for 5 seconds, then stalled.
  • 2nd attempt. Rolled over 5 or 6 times, starts, runs about 8 to 10 seconds, then stalls.
  • 3rd attempt. Rolled over 4 to 5 times, runs 20 seconds, then stalls.
  • 4th attempt. Rolled over 4 to 5 times, continues to run this time and runs roughly and evenly for 2 to 3 minutes before it achieved a smoothness of idle comparable to the idle my CerBond treated car had immediately upon starting.

My friend remarked, "I.m going to have to get some of this CerBond stuff," after I told him how easily my car started compared to his.

Lynn Johnson
Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada


This post is a "give back" I hope to help a few with this one, as so many helped me with replies on my first post. I learned much.

At that time I was asking about re-powering or rebuilding the b43 Onan in my well maintained '83 318. The reason was that it smoked FIERCELY, and overall sounded "loose." Despite those problems, it did still run with authority. Now I have resolved both those problems BEAUTIFULLY, almost without turning a bolt. My Onan hums smoother than any I have EVER heard.

OK, before I go any further, this is not a "spam" post. I bought the stuff I'll tell you about just like anybody else. I was reading on another forum about ceramic coating the insides of an engine, even old worn engines, how sweet they run after, and on and on.

With that in mind, I went looking for the stuff they were talking about, an additive called CerBond®. Not being a big fan of additives, I paused and debated if I really wanted to spend the money on 2oz. of wonder goo. I also remembered a certain disappointing failure with Slick 50 or something like it in an Oldsmobile a few years back.

Now, of course I suspect I am much like many of you. I wanted to hope against hope for easy & wonderful results. Besides, I knew I'd be tearing down the motor or replacing it anyway. Guess what? I got BETTER than expected results! It worked. After 2-3 hours of running with this stuff, My Onan burns virtually NO OIL now. BUT, for the acid test, I did a compression test when it rained last week. I was originally pushing about 96# on the left and 100# on the right. Now I am pushing 125# on the left and 122# on the right.

OK, sounds pretty good, but I wasn't off the hook yet. It still smoked really badly, even though it wasn't using oil anymore. After going through the most ridiculous long tear down known in mechanical history -- just to loosen the 2 carb bolts, I rebuilt the carburetor. Super simple carb to rebuild, stupid long to get off. I'm not even sure I really needed the rebuild, since the idle speed screw was open 7½ turns when it only should be 1¼. Either way, I didn't want to have to pull that carb again so I rebuilt it anyway.

That carb rebuild, 2 spark plugs, 1 set of points, and the CerBond = the quietest, smoothest running Onan I've ever heard. Of course I expect to hear boo and hiss about cheating or using an additive, but it really has worked as advertised.

Now if I can only fix my lights so they work, I've got a whole new 318.

I called (them) today. (They were) not surprised that it worked so well in my John Deere, but happy with my success. I will also be adding it to my hydro. (They) said hydro whine is a thing of the past with this stuff. Scary to add anything but Type F ATF, but judging from what it did for my old Onan, I'm going for it.

James Archer 12/5


When I first heard about CerBond® I became interested right away. I ordered 2 bottles and put it into my car. As soon as I was backing out of my garage I noticed an increase in horsepower.

I drove around for a few miles and also noticed how smooth the ride was. When I stopped at a stop light and my car was (idling) I noticed my car no longer made any noise. I was wondering if my car was still working because it was so quiet. I continued to drive and I noticed that my shift points changed also. I could get the car up to a higher speed before I had to shift gears.

This is a great product and I have been recommending it to all of my friends.

Mike Wittchow 9/13


From: Jay Erickson
Date: June 10
Sumbitted via: Email

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing you today to let you know how pleased I am with your product CerBond®. I have seen many products make many claims and usually there is a lot more fluff than there is results. I am the director of sales for a 500 Million dollar a year company in Minneapolis Minnesota, so I have had many people in my office making quite grandiose claims about "great" new products with little to back it up and results that are less than stellar. Being a fairly skeptical person, it took some persuading for me to give CerBond® a try as the benefit claims seemed "too good to be true". Knowing that my older vehicle (1995 Isuzu Rodeo with about 130,000 miles on it) was only getting about 14MPG, I decided to try CerBond® in the late summer of 2006 in the crank case of the Rodeo. Right away, with in a minute or two, I noticed the engine seemed to run smoother and it had quicker acceleration, "but would it last?" I thought to myself. The answer was a resounding "YES". The mileage went up to an average of 16.2MPG (nearly 16% better mileage), and that continued tank after tank. I also did use the recommended "Maintenance Dose" after each oil change and CerBond® has far exceeded my expectations; but it gets better.

When I heard about an event in Northern Iowa this past spring, I decided to go down and see what else they had to offer and what might be coming, and also out of curiosity to see the planned demonstrations and see the actual tests for myself. I drove the 1995 Rodeo down to Iowa to the demonstration. I was able to speak with Nick and Ed while I was there and let them know what I had seen for myself. Nick had been the person who initially got me to try CerBond® so I shared my thoughts on the product with him. During our conversation I mentioned to Nick that my mileage had improved, my car ran better and the tick in my engine was basically gone.

The demonstrations put on that day were absolutely amazing to say the least. I was particularly impressed to see a chainsaw running on plain gas treated only with 1%frac14; oz. of CerBond®. They were quite open with the demonstrations and actually let me put my finger into the bone dry gas tank to make sure there was no oil in the tank and they mixed the gas and CerBond® right in front of me in a clear container. Needless to say when they fired it up, ran it full throttle and cut wood for 5-10 minutes without the saw seizing up or any ill effect, I was impressed. Additionally I saw no smoke coming from the saw's exhaust verifying to me that there as no oil in the gas. I saw a few other demonstrations that were equally as impressive (seeing the Tractor on the dynamometer right in front of me gaining horse power was amazing).

I signed up for the drawings to win some CerBond® for my other vehicles, but did not win. As I was getting ready to head back to Minneapolis that day, I had decided to treat my transmission to see if that would help my mileage and to treat my other vehicles. Nick personally came over to thank me for coming to the demonstration that day and that is when I mentioned my results to him and also, in that conversation, that I had not treated my transmission yet. In addition I mentioned the tick in my engine I get every once in a while. Nick asked me to wait a moment and went and got a 2 oz. Transmission treatment and a 2 oz. gas treatment and treated my transmission and put a 2oz. gas treatment right in my fuel tank. He said that the Isuzu's can often times develop sticky valves in the upper end as they age and the CerBond in the gas tank would allow the upper end to be treated. The engine tick is gone.

I have been watching my mileage since the transmission treatment and comparing it to previous results. I am now getting 17.7MPG consistently and, on a recent trip to the cabin in Wisconsin, I went 323.95 miles on 16.116 gallons of regular 87 octane fuel, that is an amazing 20.1MPG!!! I went from about 14MPG before CerBond® to 20.1MPG on my trip and 17.7MPG consistently around town; that is net gain of 43.5% and 26.5% (respectively) in better fuel economy than I had been receiving. That doesn't even begin to touch on the savings on maintenance or the tremendous environmental benefits of much cleaner emissions. With gas at nearly $3.00 per gallon, I can use the over $100.00 per month in savings between our now all treated 3 vehicles. The best thing is it is only about $80.00 to treat each car. That is a great deal for how much you save if you ask me.

Like I said in the beginning of this letter, a lot of products make great claims but CerBond® backs it up with actual results. That rodeo now has over 142,000 miles on it, so CerBond® works for the long haul, as advertised. Since then I have treated my other vehicles as well with similar great success. I am so impressed with your product that I plan to see what business opportunities are available with your company.

You have earned a customer for life.

Jay Erickson
Prior Lake Minnesota


From: Herbert Peters
Date: June 04
Sumbitted via: Written

Make, Model, Year and Mileage: GMC Suburban 1996
Did your vehicle quiet down? YES
If you added CerBond® to your transmission does it shift smoother? YES
Does your vehicle start easier? YES

Additional Information: Less vibration. Has improved mileage.


From: Floyd A. Halbach
Date: May 14
Sumbitted via: Written

Make, Model, Year and Mileage: 93 Ford Ranger
Did your vehicle quiet down? YES
Did you notice any change in performance? Minimal
If you added CerBond® to your transmission does it shift smoother? Much
Does your vehicle start easier? YES

Additional Information: Whenever the temp would get near 0° I would not be able to shift from first to second gear till was driven at least 10 miles. After adding CerBond® I could shift easily at even 20° below zero.


From: Joe Halbach
Date: April 25

My wife drives a 2000 Montana with 92K miles. I added CerBond® to the engine about 800 miles before my next oil change. We took the van on a long errand and after about 10 miles I thought I noticed a tail wind as I was driving down the highway. I had to ease slightly off the gas and the van sounded smoother. Symptoms of a tail wind. About 5 miles later I noticed that while the symptoms where still present, I could not see any wind by looking at chimney exhaust or grass a long the road. I thought, could this stuff really work this well?

The day after my next oil change I took a round trip to my cabin just to do a general checkup. Its a 180 mile round trip. I believe that the van had been running quieter since applying CerBond®, but didn't know if I would notice any other change. I've been driving to my cabin regularly for the last 6 years and the best mileage I've ever gotton on a round trip was 26.5. On this particular trip my mileage computed to an even 29 mpg. There was no noticable wind on my drive to the cabin and only a slight head wind on my return. CerBond® not only provided a quieter ride but a performance increase that improved my gas milage. I'm not a skeptic anymore.


From: Greg Soderberg
Date: April 21
Sumbitted via: Written

Make, Model, Year and Mileage: 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 248,000
Did your vehicle quiet down? YES
Did you notice any change in performance? TORQUE
If you added CerBond® to your transmission does it shift smoother? YES
Does your vehicle start easier? YES even at -30°!

Additional Information: I have always had a very fast (early) 2-3 shift under normal acceleration. We treated the transmission, and within 5 miles the 2-3 shift was improving. After 100 miles, the transmission is shifting normally between 2 + 3 gear.


From: Jim Hutchison
Date: April 16

I drive a 1999 Freightliner with a C 12 Cat engine. I put a 16 ounce treatment in the engine in December. At first the only thing I noticed was a dramatic drop in vibration. I made a trip to Cincinnati OH. About twelve hundred miles one way. The first two tankfuls I found a drop in fuel mileage. The next tank gave me a significant increase in fuel mileage. My power increased and my fuel mileage has been increasing.

Before CerBond® I was averaging about five and a quarter miles per gallon. I am now running about six miles per gallon. We have two trucks on this product. The other driver can't get over how much better his truck is running.

In the next two weeks we will treat the rest of both trucks. Transmissions and differentials. Needless to say I am pretty excited about this product.

Jim Hutchison


From: Steve Koebrick
Date: April 15
Sumbitted via: Email

I bought a 2oz bottle friday, dumped it in my old 454 chev w/186k mi. It really appears to run smoother and easier? I'm impressed.


From: Don Offenbacker
Date: April 02

Hello! Just wanted to give you a quick update on the performance of the 2000 Ford Contour SE, 2.5L, V6 24 Vl DOCH engine after adding the CerBond® to the engine and transmission. I changed the oil and filter, then added the CerBond® as you might recall. Now I have 1782 miles traveled since then.

The wife and her girlfriends took a little trip this last Thursday and traveled 149 miles on regular state highways to their destination. I traveled 46.6 miles in city driving before I fueled up again. Couldn't believe, but am happy to report the car obtained 29.753 miles per gal avg on this trip with a little city driving. Now remember, this 2000 Ford Contour has now 82,353 miles on it!!!!! It is not a new vehicle. It runs very smoothly, shifts very smoothly even better now than after the first 10 miles having the CerBond® added. It is back to running with good gas mileage performance as it was when I first bought it at around 23,000 miles.

Thanks CerBond® team for an excellent product which was not expensive to "tune up" our car which looks like is going to save us some fuel costs as well as other maintenance costs which might not happen now. Oh, the engine oil is still a light brown color so far with the 1782 miles. I normally have always changed oil and filter at 2500-3000 miles with the oil being a very dark brown, but not black, all those times. I want to see how far I can go now before the oil gets black. Will let you all know.

Thanks again CerBond® Folks!!


From: Tim Howland
Date: March 26
Sumbitted via: Written

Here's the testimony I had told about. I put the CerBond® in my Mercury car and it made the engine run smoother. No lifter noise, helped on oil burning. My car has 180,000 miles on the engine. I also put the CerBond® treatment for the transmission in too. It helped very much on the shifting. The CerBond® treatment is very good stuff.

Tim Howland
Riceville, Iowa


From: Kirk K.
Fall River/Beaver Dam, WI
Date: February 2
Sumbitted via: E-mail

I put the CerBond in my motorcycle and my wife's too. We both got a whole lot more power and the transmission and primary are both running much quieter and smoother. We noticed this right away. By the way, the traditional clunking sound made by the transmission when you shift gears on a Harley, gone after adding the CerBond. You have magic here as Harley has been trying to get rid of that clunk for years and never had any luck! I should know, I work for Harley and their Dealers.
I also noticed that it made my scooters run much cooler. About 40 degrees or more cooler on each one. This stuff worked so good I decided to try it in my 1979 F250- as well. Same thing again, more power, smoother, quieter, runs cooler, and the mileage has improved over 24% for each highway and city!

I then got my friend and co-worker, Jr, to try it on his old semi. He was getting 2 MPG before the treatment. Now he is getting almost 8 MPG and says he has a lot more power. He runs the same load to the same place that was not a factor. He said it doesn't smoke any more either! I am going to recommend this stuff to the dealers I work for. Evrybody should be running this stuff in there cars, trucks, scooters, everything!


From: Matt V. SD
Date: March 24

The first time I heard about CerBond® I was a little bit skeptical. However the more I heard about the product, the more sense it made. I now have CerBond® in every vehicle I own. Every vehicle has seen a different change. My S-10 pickup with 157,000 miles starts much better in the cold, is using less oil and no longer leaves black exhaust spots when I leave it running parked on the driveway.

Our Chevy Cavalier with 110,000 miles now runs absolutely perfect. The transmission had hard unpredictable shifts, and the engine had the usual lifter noise and rattles most of the 2.2 liter 4 cylinders have. After 50 miles the transmission was working flawless. The engine changed in about 80 miles. I have to listen hard to hear this car run, I have tried to start the car several times when it was already running shortly after I had treated the car because I simply could not hear or feel it run.

My wife's Nissan Altima with 50,000 miles is just plain "Smooth!"

There is no other way to explain it. From idle to 7,000 RPM's there are no noises or vibrations. The latest vehicle I have treated with CerBond® is my Isuzu NPR Cube Truck used for my business. It is now extremely quiet, shifts smooth and has brought the mileage up. This would be a huge benefit to any large fleet. This product works in everything you put it in, every time.

Thanks for such a great product.

Matt V SD, USA


From: Doug & Sue
Blue Mounds, WI
Date: February 09
Sumbitted via: E-Mail

Make, Model, Year and Mileage: 2005 Ford-150 66,200 mi. before treatment 75,800 now and a 2002 Pontiac Aztech 120,000 before treatment 134,750 now

Did your vehicle quiet down? YES - Both did a lot
Did you notice any change in performance? Both are much smoother, quieter, better mileage and more pep-power
If you added CerBond® to your transmission does it shift smoother? YES - both
Does your vehicle start easier? YES -r ight away in cold weather for a change

Additional Information: CerBond does what you say it will! There's a first, something that works better than what is promised! We put it into our two motorcycles too and got the same kind of results. And you were right. It is a one time treatment. As you can see from the mileage after treatment we have changed the oil and filter a few times and still are getting all the benefits. The first oil change the oil was black and thick. Since then, the oil comes out almost as a clean, light amber as when I put it in fresh from the oil cans! Very little difference.


From: Charles Penner
Date: March 17

I treated my 1998 Dodge Diesel Pickup with CerBond® and the engine smoothed up and has much more power. I am very satisfied with these results. I also put CerBond® in the transmission. The transmission was shifting rough and had a slight leak. After adding the CerBond® it shifted much smoother and also has stopped leaking.

I would recommend it to people to try.

Charles Penner


From: Joy Dobson
Date: March 10

I put 2 oz of the CerBond® in the transmission and 2 oz in the oil of a 2001 Chevy Venture Mini Van with 122,515 miles on it. Took off driving and within just a few miles sounded it was running both smoother and quieter. I thought "wow" am I imagining this or what? Then the next thing I recall, I didn't have to put my foot down on the pedal as hard. Every time I started to take off, the same thing, it ran smoother and quieter.

We had a few days when it got in the low 20's here in Texas so I wanted to see if it would still start okay. Sure enough it started right off the first time with no hesitation - just simply turning the key with no pedal pumping.

By the time I was ready to go on an extended trip I had put 1,000 miles on so I then changed the oil. After I had gone through 3 tankfuls it just seemed like I was driving further without having to fill up as often (still checking this out). I go on trips off and on and I do believe it is bringing the car back to it's original performance of over 2 years ago.

I have tried 3 of the more popular brands of fuel additives and have not noticed one thing from any of them, which was very disappointing. Also my transmission was just beginning to slip a little and I am happy to say it has not slipped once since the CerBond® was put in it.

So I can definitely say I have noticed a difference - the product worked for me, and would recommend it to anyone who would like to extend the life of their vehicle.

Joy Dobson


From: Don Offenbacker
Date: March 10
Testimonial of using CerBond® on 2000 Ford Contour.

Greetings. I was introduced to the CerBond® products through a good friend of mine. I have always been interested in new advance technology of just about any product that would help me in my life. Since I, as well as just about every other person on the planet, drive vehicles and use other machinery, believe that everyone should pay attention when some new product comes along that just might be very helpful for them. That product might just save them some money (maintenance costs) in the long run, make their lives a little bit more enjoyable because the machinery would perform better and last longer.

Over the years I have tried and tested several products that would make all of our farm machinery as well as road vehicles operate more efficiently and hopefully last longer. I have used other products that would help to accomplish this. Some products worked as they advertised to do, others didn't.

Recently, being introduced to the CerBond® products, purchasing the engine and transmission CerBond® products for my 2000 Ford Contour, 6 cylinders, having 80,025 miles on it at the time, and having conducted regular maintenance on it at 2500-3000 miles intervals-changing oil and filter, checking air pressure in the tires, water, battery, etc. since it was purchased with 23,000 miles on it. The vehicle was a fleet car that came off of a lease program. It was driven mostly highway miles, so I thought I had a pretty clean engine vehicle to start with. It turned out I did. So, I say all of that to tell you that I had a pretty clean engine running very good and obtaining pretty good gas mileage when on the highway and Interstate system as well as city driving before being introduced to CerBond® products. Therefore, I didn't think there was too much wrong with my vehicle and wouldn't do much for improvement in performance, etc.

MUCH TO MY SURPRISE after I deposited the CerBond® oil (metal) treatment in the engine after I had changed the oil and filter, (oil change time was due) driven the car for a 20 mile drive to warm up the engine, the oil, and the transmission, I turned around and drove back home the 20 miles. Now, it was a very cold day a few weeks ago when I did this. That is why I drove the car a distance to get the oils in the engine and transmission warmed up before placing the CerBond® treatment in the engine and transmission as I was instructed to do. The surprise to me was after about 15 miles on the return trip back home on the Interstate driving at cruise setting of 65 mph, and had gotten back into the city limits where you slow down to the 55 mph speed, I decided to shift into passing gear to motor around a slow truck. My size 12 shoe evidently pressed the accelerator pedal a little more than necessary, for the vehicle shifted down into second gear, the RPM's went up to 6500 and away we went!!! That vehicle had a response I had not endured before!! I had to let off of the "foot feed" accelerator and let it shift into 3rd gear and then on in to the overdrive gear. That shifting of the transmission was very smooth. It was like the commercial where the Lady is waiting for the Hubby to get the car up to speed, shift into final gear, and then she could apply her lipstick makeup without any problems!!

Well, the Ford Contour has 1800 miles driven since adding the CerBond® products as of this writing. The vehicle starts quickly now, it idles down to the 750 rpm very quickly now, and you can NOT hear the engine when parked out of the garage while it setting there idling. I placed my hand on the hood of the car and I still can't feel the engine running for it is evidently operating very smoothly with no vibrations. The tailpipe is perfectly clean. I even took a white ole T-shirt and wrap it around a long screwdriver to ream out the tailpipe extension from the rear bumper back to the rear muffler which is only about 14 inches. The T-Shirt came out with only a little smug about the size of a postage stamp. Rest of the rag (T-Shirt) was perfectly clean. Now, this is after 1800 miles driven that I did this little test of "soot" coming out of the engine via the exhaust pipe system. I thought that was pretty impressive.

So, all in all, I am definitely convinced that the CerBond® Team has a wonderful useful product that is going to save me money in the future on less maintenance costs on my vehicle. Time and mileage will tell for sure.

PS: My wife gets mad at me now for playing like I was a 20 year old driver again. I am over 60 years of age and I don't let the "grass grow under the car" if you know what I mean. I love the "quick response" of the vehicle when I need it and even when I am playing. I will be testing for other performance of the vehicle as time goes along and the miles are driven. I am anxious to check the dipstick of the oil at around 2500 miles, then 3000 miles, etc to see how many additional miles I can drive before the oil is dirty enough that I can't read through the oil on the dipstick to read the markings embedded on the dipstick itself, therefore, deciding it is time to change the oil and filter again. Driving more miles in a year's time before changing oil and filter will save me money also.

After it warms up in the next week or two and I have some extra time, I will have to get the ole 1977 Cadillac Sedan Deville with over 170,000 miles on it, out of the garage, test the compression on each cyclinder, write those readings down, change the oil and filter since it is due, take it for a short drive to warm everything up and then add the CerBond® to the Caddy's V8 (425cu) engine, drive it for a few miles and then perfrom another cylinder compression check. That little test should certainly show this ole farmer & mechanic what kind of product CerBond is!

Sorry for the "Long" story folks. All my friends tell me I can't say anything in a short version. Even my grandchildren "roll their eyes" when Grandpa has to explain something. They know it won't be a short version. Sorry!! Thanks for reading.

Thank you CerBond® Folks for a wonderful product.

Don Offenbacker
Omaha, Nebraska


From: Raymond Jarlik-Bell
Date: February 23

My name is Raymond Jarlik-Bell, I live near Yelm, Washington. I am a contractor that raises and repairs structures, logging, dozing, road building, land clearing, and other general construction work. I repair and maintain my heavy equipment, cars and trucks. A friend of mine called about the product and at first was very skeptical about it.

After listening to the call I then tried the product. I placed it into a 1986 Dodge ¾ ton 4x4 P/U that has over 200,000 miles on it. I do not drive the truck a lot presently but have driven it about 80 miles since applying the CerBond® treatment. It continues to gain power and run much better, the oil leaks are slowing down and the gas gauge is not dropping so fast. When I drive to Yelm (15) miles there is a very steep hill that used to require that I shift from 4th to 3rd, I now go over in 4th gear.

I also put the treatment into my 1999 Komatsu Dozer that has 2145 hours on it. It is fairly new and has not been a problem. However, on the 22nd of February, after running the machine about 10 hours after treatment with CerBond® I was pushing a small tree over, stump and all. I was very surprised as I normally have to give it full throttle to accomplish the task, but to my amazement the tree pushed over at ½ throttle. I then pushed over 3 more and moved them to their next fate, the burn pile. I have noticed the vibration no longer shakes tools off the machine when running or idling. I have no way of checking fuel economy as I operate it at all kinds of speeds and conditions. I now know that I will be owning this machine much longer than I originally planned.

I bought the machine used with 600 hours on it, which is almost new and planned on keeping it til 3500 to 4000 hours, now that has changed as the running gear (except the tracks and rolls) will last much much longer. What a deal!

The more I learn about CerBond® the more excited I become. I am telling everyone about it.

Raymond Jarlik-Bell